Extruded Curbs

EXTRUDED CURBS are a cost effective way to do your parking lot planters. Extruded curbs are a traffic control device that keep automobiles parking where you want them to and also keep them from hitting your building causing expensive damage. We are the only extruded curb company in the northwest that makes our own concrete. It has taken a few years to get the right mix, but to do the best job you need to be able to use the best concrete for extruded curbs and we do. We do sell our mix to some of the other curb companies in the area. We charge by the linear foot. We do many different types of curb molds, but we have found that the 5″ square mold works the best.

PRECAST WHEEL STOPS: we manufacture all of our own wheel stops {bumpers}We currently carry four different types in stock. We do sell them wholesale or retail Monday-Friday. We can deliver them or you can pick them up. We can also ship them to where ever you need them.

STAIR TREADS : We carry four types of stair treads broom finish or exposed aggregate. We have 36″ and 40″ We currently keep a large inventory of the 36″ broom finish and exposed aggregate. Feel free to call or email in a order.

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